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Online Course Recommendations for Tutors

  • Instructions for receiving credit for online training will be distributed at Orientation
  • Illinois State Library's Online Tutor Training
  • Proliteracy Courses and Resources for Instructors
  • Minnesota Literacy Council's Online Training
  • LINCS Professional Development
  • Resources for Tutors

  • Literacy DuPage YouTube Channel (training videos)
  • ESL Teaching Videos
  • COABE's Free Resources for Adult Educators
  • CollectEd NY - Collection of Resources for ABE, ESL and TASC
  • St. James Immigrant Assistance Tutor Resources
  • The Border Consortium (updates on refugee camps in Thailand)
  • Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services: Handbook for Volunteer Tutors
  • Literacy Network Web Resource for Volunteers
  • Reading Comprehension Resources
  • ESL Quick Lessons
  • Marshall Adult Education
  • TASC Test Website
  • Resources for Students

  • Purdue OWL (Writing/Grammar)
  • Free Driver's Education Program
  • Rochester International Adcademy Bilingual Glossary
  • News For You
  • The Times in Plain English
  • Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga Immigrant Services
  • Tompkins County BOCES TASC (GED) Preparation