What Does Tompkins Learning Partners Mean to You?

We asked students and volunteers the question, "What Does Tompkins Learning Partners Mean to You?" Here are a few of their responses:

TLP is a place where I can learn at my own pace. [It's] a place where I develop skills for self-empowerment and where learning is fun.

TLP is great! Everyone helps me and especially my tutors.

I feel good coming here and meeting with my tutor.

Need Help Studying for the U.S. Citizenship Exam?

Tompkins Learning Partners tutors can help you study for the U.S. Citizenship exam. Tutors help TLP students practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing for the test. They can help you learn the U.S. Civics and History you need to know to pass also! To learn more, call us at 607-277-6442 or email: ESL at

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