Volunteer Judges Needed! 10th Annual Fingerlakes Crossword Competition

Volunteer Judges needed for the 10 Annual Finger Lakes Crossword Competition

Tompkins Learning Partner’s 10th Annual Finger Lakes Crossword Competition will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2022. Players of this virtual event will submit completed entries via email to event chairperson Gary Weissbrot between 2:00 and 5 pm on the 24th. Gary will then forward submissions to volunteer judges to be check for accuracy. The winners will be announced at 2PM on Sunday, which gives judges plenty of time to carefully check their submissions and report the results back to Gary.

Each volunteer judge will have three different completed puzzles. (All at the same level of difficulty.) They will also have a spreadsheet with all the players or teams listed who are solving those puzzles. Each level of difficulty will have different puzzles.

Gary will be forwarding only the appropriate entries to each judge. The judge will compare all three entries with the answer sheets and note how many mistakes are made. If they are not sure what the letter is because of illegibility, it can be considered wrong. Note the number of errors on the spreadsheet for each puzzle. Each puzzle should also have a completion time at the bottom with the total of all three times on the third puzzle. Judges are to note that total only on the spreadsheet. (Don’t forget to check the contestant’s addition!

Judges should keep a digital folder of unchecked and checked puzzles.

There will be six judges, each with three puzzles to check:

  • Easier Individual
  • Trickier Individual
  • Toughest Individual
  • Easier Team
  • Trickier Team
  • Toughest Team

Questions about judging and your willingness to judge should be sent to Gary at GWeissbrot@hotmail.com