Student Success Story

By M.A.--

When I began working with T.J., I quickly realized his intelligence and curiosity. T. had completed two years of high school before he stopped receiving formal education. However, it seemed that in that time, Tyler had adopted a very defensive and confrontational attitude towards his personal education; he certainly lacked confidence in his abilities and became easily frustrated if he was unable to correctly answer a question.

In August, T. began to work intimately with three tutors on mathematics in preparation for taking the TASC high school equivalency exam. T. became comfortable with his tutors and quickly made great strides in his mathematical abilities. He was able to recall topics he had learned in the past such as basic algebra and was also able to efficiently grasp new related topics such as graphing and geometry.

As his confidence grew, his curiosity propelled him onto higher level topics. After only a few weeks of instruction, T. realized his potential to further his pursuit of knowledge and mentioned his interest in musical technology and engineering.

When it came time to take the test, T. passed with a score well above the minimum not only in mathematics, but also all other sections on the exam: science, reading, writing, and social studies. Despite having only had help in mathematics, Tyler was able to leverage the new-found confidence to unleash his full potential on each of the TASC tests.

Since achieving his high school equivalency, Tyler expressed his desire to study music at TC3.