A TLP Math Student Experiences Success

As told by M.A, TLP tutor, and adapted by TLP staff--

T. completed two years of high school before his formal education was put on hold. As we worked together, I quickly realized that he was an intelligent and curious student. However, he seemed to lack confidence and became easily frustrated when he was unable to answer a question.

In August, T. began working with additional tutors in order to prepare for the math portion of the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion- the new GED in New York State). As he became more comfortable with his tutoring team, T. quickly improved his mathematical skills and self-esteem. He began recalling topics he learned in the past (like basic algebra) more easily, while also learning new, related skills such as graphing and geometry.

As his confidence grew, T.'s curiosity led him to explore higher level topics and further expand his knowledge and skills. T. also started sharing some of his goals for the future with his tutors. One of these was to learn more about music technology and engineering.

When it came time to take the TASC math test, T. earned a score that was well above the minimum needed to pass. He also excelled on the science, reading, writing, and social studies subject area tests. Since achieving his high school equivalency, T.'s new goal is to study music at TC3. Everyone at TLP wishes him well as he continues learning and achieving his dreams.