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  • 2022 Crossword Winners!

    2022 WINNERS & TIMES Easier – Team: Cross Contamination (1:01:18) Easier – Individual: Cheryl Kochavi (22:56) Trickier – Team: Tax Team (45:38) Trickier – Individual: Judy Cole (25:10) Toughest – Team: Team Smaiblers (21:28) Toughest – Individual: Matt McCurry (19:23) For a full list of “Perrfect Puzzles” and prizes as well access to the 2022 puzzles and answers visit https://crosswordcompetition.com/?page_id=71
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  • Volunteers Are the Heart of TLP

    Volunteers have always been the heart of TLP, providing the majority of instruction for our amazing adult learners, serving on our board, keeping our in-house library in tip-top shape, and helping us with administrative tasks like mailings and preparing study materials. Though they tend to shy away from the spotlight, we'd like to give them special recognition for being absolute superstars amidst all the changes that the pandemic brought upon our organization. Their time, support, and care help TLP students achieve their dreams. 
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  • Bad Weather Reminder for Students, Tutors, & Community Partners

    Just a reminder now that we’re in the midst of wintery weather…when Ithaca City Schools are closed, the Tompkins Learning Partners (TLP) office will also be closed. If the Ithaca City Schools are on a one hour delay, TLP will open at 10:00am. If there is a two hour delay, TLP will open at 11:00am. Tutors and students may choose to meet virtually when the weather is bad, even if our office is closed. Please check in with each other about your study plan during bad weather before it arrives. Stay well and stay warm!
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  • What Does Tompkins Learning Partners Mean to You?

    We asked students and volunteers the question, “What Does Tompkins Learning Partners Mean to You?” Here are a few of their responses: TLP is a place where I can learn at my own pace. [It’s] a place where I develop skills for self-empowerment and where learning is fun. TLP is great! Everyone helps me and especially my tutors. I feel good coming here and meeting with my tutor. When I come to TLP I feel warm. It’s like a warm shelter I can rely on. TLP makes me feel like I am connected with the real multicultural and diverse world. […]
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  • Need Help Studying for the U.S. Citizenship Exam?

    Tompkins Learning Partners tutors can help you study for the U.S. Citizenship exam. Tutors help TLP students practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing for the test. They can also help you learn the U.S. Civics and History you need to know to pass! To learn more, call us at 607-277-6442 or email: ESL at tlpartners.org
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