Congratulations TLP Students!

Each year, TLP students work with trained volunteers to build reading, writing, math, English language, digital and other skills in order to reach their personal literacy and life goals. Many have one or more jobs, are caregivers for children in their families or communities, or have other responsibilities in addition to studying at TLP. We are very proud of them for making a commitment to learn and grow their language and literacy skills alongside their tutors. Here are just some of their recent accomplishments:

15 students got jobs for the first time or improved their employment situations

12 students passed the test for U.S. Citizenship

4 students passed their driver’s permit tests

In addition to these successes, TLP students passed one or more GED subject area tests, read chapter books for the first time, registered to vote, volunteered in the community, learned to use email, signed up for a library card, learned how to use the bus independently, and much, much more! Please join us in congratulating all of our adult learners for their incredible achievements.