Volunteers Are the Heart of TLP

Volunteers have always been the heart of TLP, providing the majority of instruction for our amazing adult learners, serving on our board, keeping our in-house library in tip-top shape, and helping us with administrative tasks like mailings and preparing study materials. Though they tend to shy away from the spotlight, we’d like to give them special recognition for being absolute superstars amidst all the changes that the pandemic brought upon our organization. Their time, support, and care help TLP students achieve their dreams.

Here are just a few of the things students and staff have said lately about TLP volunteers:

“Math isn’t easy for me, but I don’t give up. My tutor doesn’t give up on me.”

“My tutor is very helpful to me. She helps me with reading, writing, and explaining every word that I don’t understand.”

“I love my tutor. Before, I never liked school.”

“The library is awesome now. The librarians made it easy to find the books I need to use with my student. It’s cozy too.”

“I say ‘thank you’ to my tutor. I learn with her. I know more English words. I [can] talk to my boss. I [can] talk to the school.”

Thank you TLP volunteers! We couldn’t do it without you.