Who Can Be a Tutor?

  • High School graduates who are 18 years of age or older.
  • Individuals who are interested in helping adults reach educational goals and who are willing to participate in on-going training.
  • Compassionate, patient, and respectful people with or without teaching experience.
  • People who are regularly available for at least one year (12 consecutive months) with a predictable schedule.
  • If you are a college student who is interested in volunteering but will not be here during the summer, please call our office at 607-277-6442 to discuss options.


What training time is required?

  • New tutors complete approximately 15 hours of initial training.
  • All tutors are expected to attend additional workshops as scheduled throughout the year.


Where do tutors meet with students?

At our office at 124 West Buffalo Street
or at public places convenient for our students, such as:

  • Ithaca Wegmans
  • Groton Public Library
  • Tompkins County Public Library
  • Ulysses Philomathic Library in Trumansburg
  • Newfield Public Library
  • Lansing Community Library
  • Southworth Library in Dryden
  • Dryden Community Center Cafe


Tutor Job Description

  • Work with your student(s) to establish, meet, and revise specific short and long-term goals.
  • Meet with individual students or small groups for a minimum of 2 hours per week.
  • Prepare own lessons and materials in advance of instruction time.
  • Each month, sign up on a room assignment sheet.
  • Sign in and out of the logbook (and remind students to do the same) for meetings at the TLP office.
  • Attend on-going training while matched with students or a group.
  • Report meeting cancellations to students and the TLP office.
  • Keep TLP informed of your students progress by submitting monthly report forms by the 5th of the next month.

To reserve your spot at our next new tutor orientation use our contact form.



No Time to Volunteer?

If you are interested in helping adults learners in our community but are unable to volunteer, consider donating some much-needed items from our student and tutor wish list! Items include:

  • Markers
  • 3×5 note cards (lined or unlined)
  • Composition books
  • Wide-ruled loose leaf paper
  • Eraser caps
  • Sticky notes
  • 3-ring binders
  • 2-pocket folders
  • Cardstock paper
  • Metal rings (the kind that open and close for keeping index cards together)
  • Subject dividers for 3-ring binders
  • Blank sentence strips
  • Store-bought flash card sets (math, vocabulary, etc.)
  • #2 pencils
  • Dry erase markers
  • Do you have something else to donate but you’re unsure if we can use it? Please call the office at 607-277-6442.