Improving Adult Literacy Changes Everything

Health, poverty, gender equality, ability to engage in community life– every important social issue is impacted by low literacy. When adults improve their reading, writing, basic math, language and digital literacy skills, they increase their ability to find and keep sustainable employment, improve or maintain their health, participate in their children’s or grandchildren’s education, and so much more!

Here are just some of the remarkable milestones our adult learners have recently achieved by improving their literacy and language skills:

*passed one or more subject tests on the GED

*passed the test for U.S. Citizenship

* obtained employment for the first time

* improved employment and pay rate

* enrolled in training program in the healthcare field

* enrolled at TC3

* made the Dean’s List at TC3

* read to their children in English for the first time

* volunteered at their children’s school

* learned how to read a bus schedule and use TCAT

While their personal and learning goals are wide ranging, TLP students have much in common including an ability to persist and work hard, a willingness to learn new things, and the strength to balance many competing adult responsibilities including family, work, and studying together with their tutors. To learn more about our programs and how you can support our work, give us a call or reach out to us using our contact form:  To support us financially so that we can continue to help adults in our community  with high quality literacy and language tutoring, please visit:  Thank you!