Ithaca Asian American Association Launches Campaign Against Discrimination


The Ithaca Asian American Association is encouraging all Tompkins County residents to continue practicing safe distancing while treating all individuals with kindness and respect. They have also launched a local campaign against discrimination and hate to address verbal harassment and physical assaults on Americans of Asian descent, locally and nationally, along with links to report incidents of racism and discrimination. To learn more, visit their website: (image courtesy of Think Tank creative)

Tompkins Learning Partners supports our Asian and Asian American students and tutors. They are our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members. There is never any justification for racism or acts of violence. We condemn the ongoing harassment and violence against Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders and we are committed to being a welcoming, safe, and inclusive organization for all.

Here are some resources to help you learn more about Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities and history, along with strategies for standing up against incidents of racism, bias, and discrimination:

COVID-19 Resources to Fight Bullying and Hate