More Than Just Books!

Did you know our library has more than just books? Our library has a great selection of games such as scrabble, alphabet bingo, anagrams and more. We also have resources for students wanting to prepare for permit tests, resources for students wanting to learn more about U.S. culture, a collection of global, U.S, and local maps, citizenship games and reference materials!

Library Rules and COVID-19 Policies

TLP Covid-19 Safety Policies & Guidelines

Library Guidelines

Please call to schedule a time to come in and browse our library.

TLP staff are also able to check out books for you and either arrange a time for you to come pick them up or we can mail them right to you! 


Library Sections! 

Unsure of what books you want or where you to find the books you do want? Look at the colored tape on the spine! Each section is marked with a different color – use the guide below (also found in our library)!

Library Picture Gallery